This job is closed, no longer receiving application.

πŸ“£ Zaat is looking for a content creator and digital marketing warrior πŸ”.

β„Ή About us

We are relatively a new digital agency/firm, our main service is developing apps and automations solutions.

We are running 100% remotely, the current team members are distributed in Jerusalem, Gaza, Istanbul and Hebron.

Learn more about us by visiting zaat's homepage.

βœ” Must Have | Daily Tasks

  1. Very good knowledge of English, especially Written English.[English]
  2. Ability to create engaging content for social media and site’s blogs.[Content Creation]
  3. Have experience of managing social account/s with +20K followers, either a personal account or on behalf of an organization. [Content Creation]
  4. Able to write a clear plan strategy aimed at boosting engagement in social media accounts. [Content Creation]
  5. Able to write a clear strategy for attracting international clients. [Marketing]
  6. Communication skills, able to conduct meetings with team members independently as needed. [Communication]
  7. People's person.[Communication]
  8. Always eager for learning new topics especially topics related to social media and digital marketing. For example you may be requested to learn this. How excited would you be about it? [geeky]

🌠 Plus Points

  1. Experience in digital marketing, i.e. Google Adwords and/or facebook ads. [Digital Marketing]
  2. Have run successful digital marketing campaigns, which generated X leads [Digital Marketing]
  3. Can use illustator or/and photoshop. [Design]

πŸ’Έ Salary/Payment

You will be joining zaat as a freelancer, payment option are:

  • per hour minimum (5USD)*.
  • per month minimum (400USD)**.

*Estimated, subject to change as we negotiate.

**Depends how many hours per day are you willing to commit.

Bonus: You may get between (15-20+)% increase to your payment, if you are doing great work. i.e. getting X followers at social or securing clients.

βš– Contract Terms and Condition

Type As stated above you will be contracted/ paid as a freelancer. That being said, there are no restrictions on when on the day you want to work, or which day of week you take off. As long as you are doing it right, do it how/when you like.

Period: We have allocated budget for hiring one person for a period of at least one month.

As we are currently still trying to secure clients, unfortunately we can't promise that we can afford to have you for more than one month. However, if we secure clients maybe with your help πŸ™, some possible scenario(s), is that we extend the contract or even you may get promoted to handle clients communication.

πŸ“Ž Apply

Status: Close.