About Us

About Zaat

Zaat is a software solutions company, specialized in web and mobile app development, tasks automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and consulting.

At Zaat, our main goal is to keep your business growing. We do that by keeping our technical skills up to date and staying up to speed with new technologies. All this can’t be achieved without having a great team culture which is the foundation of Zaat’s high performance team.

We, at Zaat, found a way to live our values, through establishing a solid foundation for bringing values into action. We do all this and more to create a great work culture that gets great results.

We also make sure our team feels appreciated and valued, to keep them engaged in their work. We successfully help our team members to grow into leaders within the company, and develop them through offering opportunities for individual growth and professional development.

Our Social Responsibility

Zaat’s main role is creating and developing applications and solutions using state of the art technologies to increase productivity and business efficiency, through enabling the automation of repetitive manual/regular tasks and promoting higher-value work.

At Zaat, we are aware of the impact of technological change, and as a matter of our social responsibility we fully support the universal basic income scheme, as it may offer a lifeline to the most financially vulnerable and an opportunity to rebuild economies!

Our Core Values

Trust and Respect: We believe in exchange of trust and respect to nurture business, as they’re the bedrock of cementing relationships in the work environment. Our clients and employee’s veneration are always earned by dedicated effort and devotion.

Transparency: Transparency in dealings and conducting the work is one of our fundamental values that determine our work culture. At Zaat, we are open about our practices and methods. We believe this benefits ourselves, our clients, and our industry peers.

Customer Oriented: We acknowledge the significance of our client’s requirements and believe in customer centricity. We strive to deliver the best possible solutions, to have a holistic development of the people and institutions associated with us.

Protect Your Data: Protecting and securing your data comes first in everything we do. With Zaat, your data is always secured, as we are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and we aim to ensure that our services and everything we offer are in compliance with GDPR too.