is now registered as a trusted EU company.


By Abeer Albada

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3 min read is now registered as a trusted EU company, through the Estonian e-Residency program! is a web development company founded earlier this year, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, with no office! Zaat’s team, projects’, and everything in between is managed remotely. So basically, the remote culture is one of Zaat’s core values.

Now, proudly we can announce that became a trusted EU company. Through applying to the Estonian e-Residency program, which gave a presence in the EU and enabled it to become a location-independent company.

The motivation behind taking the step forward and applying to the e-Residency program is to be a part of the worldwide virtual business environment that Estonia created. As it’s well-known, Estonia leads the way with advanced e-services. Basically, in Estonia every service related to business such as, business registration, annual reports, taxation, etc. can be done online, remotely and independently of one’s location.

Moreover, Estonia's business environment has one of the highest levels of transparency in the world. And for the business sector, companies’ information has always been transparent to the public sector. One can simply lookup for any Estonian company through Estonia's e-Business Register by entering the company name, e.g. “Zaatdev” or its registry code “16084536”.

What does e-Residency mean?

e-Residency gives entrepreneurs the ability to apply for a digital residency in Estonia, even though they don’t actually live there.

Simply, e-Residency allowed us to establish a trusted Estonian limited company “Zaadev OÜ”, -“” stands for “osaühing” in Estonian which means limited in English-, that can be run from anywhere in the world, to serve clients worldwide.

How does it work?

To become an e-Resident Estonian, you have to apply online, pay a state fee, and choose a pickup location for your digital ID. This digital ID card enables you to use Estonian public and private sector services and resources, sign documents remotely, and encrypt files. Then, you should obtain an Estonian legal address, register your company online in Estonia, and find a fintech partner to cover your banking needs. After all that, you will have all the tools needed to conduct and grow your business globally.

The bottom line is that the e-Residency program of Estonia is an innovative idea, where it allows non-EU entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a company or who already have one, which is targeting the European market, to run their business from anywhere while being integrated into the EU market, and to take advantage of Estonia's flexible business environment, easy tax system, and digitally-enabled society.


*Our company “” is registered as “Zaatdev OÜ” in Estonia Central Commercial Register. So, sometimes we trade under our name ‘” which is not our registered name. Therefore, it is noteworthy that our trading/business name “” is slightly different from our business registered name “Zaatdev OÜ”.

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