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Keeping things run smoothly  


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Publish your blog, at

So you decided that you wanna write an article in Zaat's blog, that's great we are happy to hear that, sharing information and knowledge is one of our core values at Zaat.

First thing first, make sure that the content of your article is aligned with Zaat's valus.


Orginal, Non-duplicate content only.

By publishing to zaat blog you agree that the content of the article wasn't and will not be published somewhere else. Also that you are the original "Owner" author the cotnent. We undersatnd that preventing writer to publish their content to other platform say like meduim or, sounds like a confilct with our values of spreading knowldge, however we added this restriction in order to prevent SEO from lowering the ranking because of duplicated content. Once would be established and such factor wouldn't matter, we wouldn't think twice before removing this restriction.

No Harming Content or Bad Faith

This is not the place for sharing info about how to hack into someone's computer, or how use a premuim software freely. make sure to go over our about and privacy pages.


In order to add your blog content to zaat's blog, you would need to have a github account since the content of the zaat blog is parsed from this github repo.

  1. clone the repo, cd to it. e.g. git clone <repo-url> && cd blog
  2. create a new branch e.g. git -b <artilcle-title>
  3. create folder in /content e.g. mkdir article-title-example && cd article-title-example
  4. Create an md file where all the content will be parsed from, touch
  5. Start writing! you use your favourite editor to write, we also support emoji 🎉.
  6. Done writing ?, alright add these frontmatter info At top the md file, before evrtying else.

    --- //must starts with three dashes "---" title: <Yur blog title is here> // blog title that will be used for HTML title tag date: <time-in-iso> //e.g.2020-09-03T18:00:03.284Z description: a short description about the article // can be one or two sentence, author: <your-name> // Can be first name and last name author_title: <your-job-title> // what do you people to call you author_company: <your-compnay-name-or> // if its not relevant for you, you can just say "freelancer" or whatever make sense to you author_twitter: <your-twitter-handle/> author_github: <your-github-handle/> image: ./<image.file_name.fileextension> // (The file should be same root as the md file, e.g. blog/content/artivle-title`For SEO) tags: tag1, tag2, tag3, tagn // sepearted by coma, (don't add a trailing coma) issue_number: <issue number> // open an issue at ( then just insert issue number *This for commments functionility* > --- //must ends with three dashes "---"

    Note There sohuld be : after each property name and there should be one space between the : and the property value

Still confused, take a look at this the frontmatter of this blog post:

--- title: Guideline for adding an article to blog date: 2020-09-03T18:00:03.284Z description: Let me take over the steps that you need to know, in order to publish your article to author: Zaatbot author_title: Keeping things run smoothly author_company: author_twitter: zaatbot author_github: zaatbot image: ./picture_add_blog.png tags: meta, markdown, gatsbyJS, writing, tutorial issue_number: 6 ---

Also take a look at the files at content/adding-article.

  1. Frontmatter ready?, add, commit changes, then open a PR.
  2. We review the content, if it aligns with our conditions/values, we merge it.
  3. Merged!, say no more, I will get a request from github actions, then I will rebuild site.
  4. your artilce is ready, url is "" // same as folder name from step 3
  5. Okay thats it, Happy Writing!.
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